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Confidential Marriage License – Fast, Discreet and Convenient – Only in California

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0164CA has one of the best kept secret laws in the entire United States since we’re the only state that offers this type of Marriage License. A Confidential Marriage License is the convenient, discreet and fastest way to get married in CA. The alternative for couples that prefer to keep their personal lives private.  No need to share your most private information in a Public Record. The San Diego County Recorder’s Offices are only open Monday thru Friday. Closed on weekends and holidays. How do you get a Marriage License when you’re unable to get to the County Recorder’s Office?  Just Married San Diego has teamed up with an Authorized Notary able to issue a Confidential Marriage License 7 days a week.

Confidential Marriage Licenses are not open to public inspection except under court order. Certified Marriage Certificates can be obtained by either spouse in person or by mail with a notarized application.

Benefits of a Confidential Marriage License:

  • Fast
  • Convenient
  • Discreet
  • No Residency or Citizenship Requirements

Requirements for a Confidential Marriage License:

  • Must be over 18 years old
  • Must have been living together as spouses (no time requirement)
  • Must have proper identification (Government Issued/picture/address) i.e. Driver’s License / Passport
  • Must be “free to marry”

Definition of “free to marry” is that you cannot be legally married or legally have a Domestic Partnership with another individual filed.  You must be legally divorced.  If the divorce was finalized less than 90 days an original court document as proof is required before a marriage license can be issued.  Copies of your Birth Certificates are recommended for completing your Confidential Marriage License application insuring you have correct information.  Any errors on an application for a Confidential Marriage License will have to be amended in order to be corrected and at your expense.  Save yourself the extra money, time and frustration by having copies of your Birth Certificates when you complete your Confidential Marriage License application.

Here’s the link for your Marriage License Application:

If you’re interested in reserving a date for your wedding in San Diego a deposit of $150. is required.  Please send an email to JUSTMARRIEDSANDIEGO@GMAIL.COM  with the following information:

  1. First and Last Names
  2. EMAIL Address
  3. Wedding Date
  4. Phone Number

When the County Clerks office is closed and you need a Confidential Marriage License call Just Married San Diego.  Your ceremony will be by a Non-Denominational Minister at a location of your choice in San Diego County.

Please call (619) 708-0897 for more information.


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